Evil Eye;)

Colour boosts brain performance and receptivity. And like most of the people, I have tendency to see whatever is bright and colorful.The beautiful bright flowers and various colours of a rainbow always grabs our attention. For similar reasons the hoardings, banners and advertisements on the roadsides are in bright colours. Similarly, the masks of metals,Continue reading “Evil Eye;)”

A New beginning:)

“A  girl  is  Innocence  playing  in  the  mud,  Beauty  standing  on its  head,  and  motherhood  dragging  a  doll  by  the  foot” -Alan Beek Every  parent  wants  the  best  for  his/her  child.  Best  of opportunities,  education,  career,  company,  friends,  food  and future. Parents  even  sacrifice  their  peace  of  mind,  for  the  star  of their  eyes.  Every Continue reading “A New beginning:)”

Leaving the Nest

“We  all  want  to  grow  up.  We”re  desperate  to  get  there,  to  grab  all  the  opportunities  we  can…  to  live. We’re  busy  trying  to  get  out  of  that  nest… We  don’t  think  about  the  fact  that  it’s  going  to  be  cold  out  there… really  frekin’  cold.  Because  growing  up  sometimes  means  leaving  people  behind.  AndContinue reading “Leaving the Nest”

On the Driver’s Seat

Yes,  “Necessity  is  the  mother  of  all  inventions”,this  saying  came  true  for  me  when  i  took  to  wheel  only  when  it  became  a  compulsion  for  me,  though  i  had  learnt  driving  long  time  back.   Initially   a  bit  reluctant  to  take  new  paths  or  routes,  not  shifting  gears,  first  gear  was  my  favorite,  Continue reading “On the Driver’s Seat”