Shoppers Paradise


“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is

better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”
                               – Sophie Kinsella.

Shopping means different things to every woman-a necessity, a sanctum, a religion, a way of life, an adventure. Whatever be the meaning of shopping in our life, it remains important for us , but most of the men do not understand how something that involves walking around , trying fifteen things, and lugging around huge bags can be relaxing, but then it is a girl thing. When I feel depressed or little let down, buying something new can work wonders, shopping has this mood elevating effect.


 Sector-22 Chandigarh and Sarojini Nagar Market in New Delhi,

have lot in common, both serve as a shoppers paradise for

a pedestrian shopper.

People not only across the country but globe come here for

shopping. And for shopaholic like me, residing close to

Sarojini Market in Delhi is a boon.
Living in a Metro city like New Delhi, shopping during the

weekends with your family in shopping malls, which are

overcrowded and for simple, affordable household shopping and

goods, seemingly over-priced.
But Sarojini is one market which provides you respite from all

such tensions, unlike the weekend roadside movable markets for example the 8 market in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, as Sarojini

    is open all days of the week and many other such markets which provide us with opportunity of bargaining and haggling are a boon for the shopaholic like me.
The freshness of the buys, the cheapness of the goods and

the thrill of the bargain are magical. Moreover, if the

place is walking distance from your place, but otherwise

also, auto rickshaws and parking space is in abundance, with

various public transports for the commuters.
Soaring prices put burden on our budgets, but this market is

 a welcome change and keeps our worries aside. From bobby

pins to furnishing goods, you name and they have it all.
This market is about splendid bargains, vibrant hubbub and

hustle-bustle like the sector-22 market in Chandigarh. You

shop and shop till you drop.
A buzzing place with people and walking shoppers, some make

shift shops bunched together offering clothes from kids to

ladies wear, western to ethnic, why should men be left out,

there is so much for them also, there is so much for

Group of young college students looking for clothes, bags and

 accessories to old looking for stuff for their grandchildren

and the newborns.

All branded products at such cheap prices, so much to choose

 from, heaps of new to second hand clothes- avail at throw

away prices. It’s truly a heaven for the bargain hunters.

At each step, vendors and enthusiastic hawkers grab your

attention with bright and bubbly bags and jholas.
So, to visit this place with so many spectacles, I put on

my jhola and decided to head for Sarojini for the big buy.

Well, shelling out thousand rupee notes for a single outfit,

no matter branded and covet able is something one cannot

afford at modest budget, so with a thousand rupee note in

my wallet- I was now in the alleys and by lanes of

Sarojini, as I had gained immense experience from my previous

 visits in matters of bargain and haggling.

Though my closets were overloaded with the market stuff but

the money in my wallet was eager to jump and change his

single status to only a few notes or coins, so that at

least the money had company and did not feel lonely .
Away from the air-conditioned confines in open, a blast of

vibrant mix, melee of colours bursting with life, fresh aroma

 of aloo-tikki and radish chutney, everything was such an

exhilarating experience.
 I often spend my time roaming around the corners of sarojini looking for the fresh arrivals. Recently I achieved a rare distinction in the field of shopping- as I entered the market with my spacious jhola(bag) slinging on one side and with

my shopping list in the other hand, headed from one shop to

another- like a hippie, but sooner I realised that it was

pointless to stick to one shopping list and it was soon

lost and my bag was already full with all sought of clothes

 and apparels.
But, before buying, I thoroughly examined the garments

carefully as size tags are to be least trusted and defects

or missing buttons are one of the most common things

experienced by the buyers and the bargain part is one of

the most essential step, which was of course a cakewalk for

me, at least that is what I thought, but sellers make their

profits anyhow. But the eagerness of the shopping was much

more than a few losses.
When I headed for the next shop, the whole sequence of the

bargain again began, this time I became overconfident and in

an affirmative tone conveyed to the shopkeeper

                             “Bhaiya pheli baar nahi aayein hain,

 itne mein toh showroom ki dresses aajaaegi” (This is not

the first time we have come for shopping here, at this

price we will get showroom dresses).
To this the shopkeeper very rudely replied “Toh showroom se

hi le lo naa madamji” (then madam buy it from the showroom

This left me gasping, flabbergasted and finally I was

speechless and with thumping my foot, I said “OK” and moved

to another shop.

This time I purchased everything from the shop with not

displaying much of my bargaining skills to make up for the

mood spoiled by the previous shopkeeper and I realised that

my bag was filled beyond capacity, so I went for another

smaller jhola.

After doing full justice to the smaller jhola and filling it

 to the brim, headed back to my place.
On reaching home , my husband offered me immediate help like

a thorough gentleman, as his wallet was only lighter by a

thousand rupee note and in hearts of hearts he knew that I

had done a good job.

Well, Sarojini is one place where no husband would mind

sending his wife for shopping as it saves their money and

of course gives them ample amount of free and resting time

when their wives are busy shopping.
But, on a serious note, this market is truly a shoppers

paradise if you aren’t brand conscious like me and the

feeling of buying so many things without having a hole in

your pocket is just exhilarating.



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