Going through the matrimonial columns in a newspaper looking for the suitable matches for my brother, came across the word ‘teetotalerTeetotalism means complete personal abstinence from alcoholic beverages and the person fitting-in the definition was called the teetotaler .

Teetotallers may or may not take coffee or tea but alcohol is definitely not their cup of tea. Well the reasons may be personal or religious ,which cannot be questioned.

But, otherwise the requirement was some what similar to brides column where a “fair, beautiful and tall girl” is wanted.

I mean ‘what about the boys who are just occasional or social drinkers ‘and not a habitual or heavy drinkers!!

I would condemn and disagree with both the conditions, well what is wrong with people who drink and are very well in their senses. It’s entirely their choice and treating them as an outcast or discarding them is not acceptable . Ever seen a non-smoker clause on a matrimonial site!! Or newspaper !!

One cigarette is capable of damaging our lungs,but two pegs can act as a medicinal boon.
I m not promoting sale of alcoholic beverages, but ,what is wrong with being a moderate drinker!!

Recently while attending a party in a hotel ,I witnessed two extreme ends. One corner was occupied by the non-drinkers and other corner by the the drinking community. Trust me it was an eye-opener for me, the way people at opposite corners exchanged glances ;the frosty nose stares, some with cold looks and others preferred to ignore the opposite corners.
What’s wrong in celebrating the occasion by raising the toast if you know your limits and not doing excessive drinking . Well every one can make their choices without being judged upon.

Neither I consume hard drinks nor I’m a promoting it . Agreed ,Yes there have been endless accidents caused due to drunkard driving , life -threatening brawls and health issues to many . I have seen teenagers under peer pressure taking to drinking and some who didn’t ,were ridiculed and mocked at ,by calling them kiddo and very even advised to grow up. Drinking should be age specific and not for children at all .There are pros as well cons of it.

But, Medicinal properties of liquor cannot be denied, kids are given two drops of brandy in cold and cough, it acts as a tonic, ladies use beer as conditioner for their hair. 
What is so anti-social about drinking ,it’s not always harmful to drink. Drinks like tea, coffee and soft drinks can also cause health hazards.

My dad believes that drinking is not for pleasure, but for socialising ,so never drink alone but complement it with snacks like salted cashews and peanuts and yes with your friends of course ,always drink in company ,as it gives us an opportunity to exchange thoughts.

It’s nice to sit by the Bonn -fire sipping your drink on a cold winter night and relaxing .

A beautifully wrapped red wine bottle gifted to the host ,makes us a perfect guest .
But yes ,’familiarity breeds contempt’, and drinking too much can make spill ones secrets .
But there are additional benefits also, empty glass bottles can be sold to our Paperwala , they are Eco friendly , can be used as hot water bottles in winters, for storing cold water in refrigerator during Summers. Money plants can be grown and creativity can be given a new definition in form of paintings and decorative show-pieces.
A true connoisseur also appreciates an empty bottle ,a silhouette ,slender neck leading to a round body holding the magic portion , also called the liquid gold by many and source of liquid sunshine for many more.
Ours ancient kings and Emperors are shown on the murals and paintings in such majestic postures pouring this magical portion from the silver jar into the silver glasses  

The Window sill of my house flaunts the ‘budha sadhu’ bottles with creepers, I’m mean the ‘old monk’, once it had a seasoned beverage which was patiently blended for years , now it patiently nurtures the plant in it . It’s a no lay man’s drink.My uncle is an old monk loyalist.

 I am in awe of the variety of glasses and their shapes used for various kind of whiskies, beer and wines. 

My dad loves his Patiala pegs and my mom a peg measure for the check on the Patiala-peg.

He likes it neat at times, but in summers it has to be on the rocks. As he puts forward his defence by saying that he is enjoying his 

‘Angels left-over’. As to educate us in this regard he says that ‘ a good brand is kept in huge barrels with pores to age ‘and the portion which evaporates is called the’ Angels share ‘and what he consumes from the bottle becomes’ Angels left over.’

Well,apart from this, it acts as a saviour for those at cold climes and also is a rich source of anti oxidants and vitamin C.

My dad many times mockingly quotes the lines by Ernest Hemingway “I drink to make other people more interesting ”
So here I sum up by giving a statutory warning that ” drinking is injurious to health ” but only if consumed beyond permissible limits and this goes for foods, medicines and other beverages also. Excess of everything is harmful.

Otherwise eat ,drink and be merry.

“Here’s to alcohol , the rose coloured glasses of life.”

-F.Scott Fitzgerald

Cheers !!



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