Empty Train to a joy ride.

More then reaching the destination, the journey itself holds more prominence for me. Whether it is the journey of life or journey to a specific location, we all want those joy rides. But for such rides we need company. Where we can exchange our ideas ,thoughts and stories with our fellow passengers of life and ride.
But what if, a journey taken back home, to eagerly meet your loved ones, turns out to be an amalgamation of emotions . The journey of your life,which leaves you speechless as well as thrilled.
As I was desperately waiting for my train on the platform located amidst the hills, the loneliness of the railway station kept revisiting me, then the thought of meeting my loved ones , once the train reaches its destination (a metro city) kept me motivated and cheerful. And once I boarded the train, I would definitely have some company for sure, I thought.

But the wait for the train all alone ,that too , when it was running two hours late from it’s scheduled time was exhausting. To kill time , I started fiddling with my mobile, but as luck would have it , there was no mobile connectivity.

Soon the train arrived , but there was no screaming coolies or an inferno of heaving or shouting passengers. No opening of doors of the chair-car, along with the platform, even the train wore a deserted look. I did not struggle to get inside my boggy,but smoothly got inside, but still was looking for company, if not company at least some one of the human race or for that matter an animal.

I dismally gazed towards the doors of the train, for the arrival of more passengers. Not a single soul in the vicinity was visible, not even the ticket collector .

Then a distant bell changed ,I presumed it to be the station bell and then the engine whistle shrieked. The hissing engine gave way to slow moving train , ready to leave the station. 
I was still peeping from the wide windows of the locomotive, but then it gathered pace, and here I was, all alone, ‘in the empty train’, . Suddenly the carriage jolted forward and I came out from the state of shock and mustered courage to face come what may. I placed my luggage near my seat and leaned against my window . The train was fast moving away from the hills. And now they were only faintly visible as I was still leaning against my window.

Was I all alone in the train..?. Am I the only one here?.This very thought kept my sleepy eyes awake and did not let me sleep. For some time I sat brooding in front of the window, but then I decided to look for co-passengers and decided to go to other coaches connected through pantry and a washroom. 

Finding no trace of anyone, I decided to be the lone traveller of the deserted train . I went inside the pantry and grabbed a few snacks. After all instead of taking it as a scary ride or a ghost train, I decided to take it as a special solitary ride, almost somewhat similar to way we come in this world or leave it. Aren’t we all lone travellers!! So I decided to make most of my joy ride in this empty train. I had my grub, took a stroll in the aisle,read books grabbing my window seat and in between looking outside the windows ,admiring the bounties of life.

Life is also an empty train , it is for us to decide, how to take it, to fill it up with courage, fun and enjoyment or leave it empty with disappoint and let the vacuum grow.

I opted for the former , and so I still take my empty train rides to explore myself, to contemplate and simplify the complexities and challenges of life. Because in a crowd we still can be lonely and empty , but empty train rides many times can take us places , to a new Strength, learning and destinations. 



learn and live :) I like to keep things simple and easy and that is what my writings reflect. A gypsy at heart my six year old keeps me leashed. I'm a blogger @mycityforkids, @womensweb,@yourstoryclub, @unboxedwriters,@polkasocial, @blogadda