Martyred and Killed

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As I was flipping through the various News channels yesterday ,it caught the attention of my six year old. She could not understand why was I so perturbed. She could no longer contain her curiosity as my eyes and ears were glued on the television with concern . With innocence she asked me: “Mama what is the difference between ‘martyred ‘and killed”.

For fraction of seconds I was dumb-founded, to explain such a small child the difference between the two. But this time instead of following the rules of adult supervision , I rather followed my heart and poured it out and told her :” A martyr is a saviour , who saves us from demons , protects us and our country and faces the Devils from the front and ‘killed ‘ (in this context) was used for the cowards , who in the dark of the night attacked the napping soldiers. ”
They did not have the guts to take on combat forces of our country , as they themselves were not brave men in the uniform but bunch of spineless cowards sent by a country ,which umpteen number of times faced defeat from our military and now had gone into hiding and resorting to cheap tactics of sending these home-grown paid terrorists.

But then suddenly the thought of the families of those martyred came to my mind and us being only the Nation of spectators, who cry for their soldiers , share online messages and after a week long discussion and condemnation , forget till the next attack on our security forces takes place.

What saddens me more is the way our men in uniform , especially in Olive Green are butchered by the act of cowardice by a nation which is much inferior to us , but we in the act of generosity pardon them every now and then.

Our soldiers , for whom it is always ‘Nation before self’, have always been given shoddy treatment when they talk about their dues.

False promises given by politicians , who themselves are busy in foreign tours or mud-slinging on opponents never pay heed to the military . They themselves do not support their own Armed Forces.

For politicians, passing the legacy to their children comes easy but for a Defence Personal getting their children in to the parent units is a mark of great privilege and a proud moment for their progeny .

Despite knowing the fact that , it will be a tough journey ahead for them , being posted to insurgency affected areas , encounters or ambushes , staying away from family for months , but still they take all this with pride .

But remember , to be an Officer or a Jawan in the forces does not come easy , it requires intense and rigorous training , they are not born with silver spoons but do make sure with their duty and courage that our country does not lose its lustre and sheen.
But it is high time , we nip this problem called terrorism , in the bud. We have played submissive for too long now, as we are on the receiving end , with such dastardly acts .

Good Fences do not make good neighbours any more, as the barbed wires are the major security concern now.The act of kindness has not gone well with our neighbours, rather we have become their punching bag. 

Why do we seek approval from other countries to condemn the wrongdoing of our neighbour!! Why only rhetorics takes place and nothing substantial on the ground takes place.

Those soldiers who laid their life for the Nation, those martyred brave young men were not Guinea pigs or scapegoats but men of flesh and blood.

 These soldiers face multiple security challenges , such as operational preparedness , ceasefire violations,infiltration , along with stone pelting but again providing aid and succour to disaster hit areas becomes the duty of armed forces.

The paper work of treaties , hotlines, flag meetings have only given us heavy casualties . Shivers still run down our spine , when our neighbour gives us a nuclear blackmail.

But for our Soldiers, from facing tough training to facing difficult terrains , from breaking bread together to spirit of camaraderie in remote as well family stations , from unwavering dedication with determined footsteps and marching forward, away from their homes and hearth, facing death lurking in every corner, they take all this in their stride with courage with their heads held high.

When someone loses his life , in the line of duty, he or she becomes a martyr and those who ,indulge in backstabbing are put in category of cowards and need no empathy but only to be killed .



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