The Perfect Woman.

​’Woman is God’s second blunder’. -Friedrich  Nietzsche

We humans are made up of flaws,errors and absurdities. Nothing is perfect but with lumps.But women hold a better chance to be more perfect. She is a multitasker,  who with great ease fulfills all her tasks and duties to perfection. 

For every child , his or her mother is perfect,as she  holds a very strong presence in our  lives, she is the first woman in our lives and becomes the touchstone  for any future relations ,whether perfect or not.

 A woman tries to play every role to perfection, whether of a mother, daughter, sister, wife , grandmother or daughter in law.  She tries to assemble every role from bits and pieces to perfection.

But, apart from all the above mentioned women roles, one woman who rules my’ heart and hearth ‘,is an apt example of perfection,  yes she is the “perfect woman” of my life presently,who rules my world.

She is my morning sunshine , with the first rays of Sun, she enters my house. She is an indispensable part of my life can’t do without this perfectionist,  as she knows the exact measure of sugar to my tea cuppa.

My morning in the true sense begins with her arrival, her incoming, and my day ends with her outgoing .

She is my ‘jack of all trades’ but still I am her madam, my knight in shining armour protecting me from uninvited guests at times and at times leading to a smooth sailing of potluck,  kittyparties,  ladies meet or late night dinners.

She is master’s pride and neighbour’s envy, because of her perfect skills.

She believes in leading a simple life, but living it to fullest without any tensions . She enjoys every festival and occasion with fervour and gaiety. 

She makes my house , my home. The caretaker of  my happiness,  without whom my life would be so incomplete, and imperfect.

Yes it’s time to introduce her, she is the perfect woman in my life, at least for me, and she is,  my ‘maid Didi,’ my help. The reason of my blissful life, she is the angel in maid’s disguise.

She is not only perfect but also makes my life perfect by mopping, cleaning, washing and cooking for me, by performing the daily chores for me.

My life without her would be handicap. My happy family is incomplete without this ‘perfect woman”.She balances my topsy-turvy world, but I cannot share her perfection with anybody else.

She is my perfect domestic Goddess , my maid, the latest and most happening perfect woman in my life. Without her I cannot imagine a single day, as it would be so incomplete and imperfect. 

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