Peculiar case of a new age Jugaadu Mom

​”Hands that rock the cradle, rule the world”

The above saying is an absolute truth but with  a slight variation as per today’s time and age  , apart from rocking and ruling , the juggler and negotiating moms are the need of the hour, and amalgamation of both in equal mix, whom I call the Jugaadu Mom is the most happening thing.

How I wish, I was a Jugaadu Mom!! I mean the one who can go to any extent for her kids.

Well , one would say, ‘what is the big deal in that?’ After all every mother does that for her kids.

Well she is not a regular mother,  worrying about her children, but she’s a superwoman.  Not only a multitasker ,but one from the hyperactive breed. 

She not only enrols and rolls her kids to every hobby class but also makes sure she also gets along with other moms ,whose kids are  in that group.

Well some label her as a pushy mom, Tiger mom  or even a helicopter mom.

But she is much beyond all this, she makes sure that in every social  group she leads the way, despite of child’s disinterest in any class or activity  , a purpose of socialising with other mothers does take 

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place.After all she does not believe in wastage. 

She is a lesson to a lazy bum like me, where her regular updates  on social sites give me a jolt every now and then.

She is a hotshot, with a never ending friendlist in real or virtual world , and even makes sure that her kids make more friends courtesy her, she loves hogging the limelight,   but if that does not work ,so the art of pleasing is applied. Hook or by crook , her fundamentals are clear.

She is in total contrast to a bad mom like me, she is continuously working towards enhancing the social skills of her child, a skill much needed for the future development of any child.

She believes in car pools, night stays,sleep overs, day outs ,diet plans, as well keeping a close tab on the development of other children too.

She is , unlike a slow mom, she keeps pace with latest happenings and believes in fast learning.

She is the cream of parents teacher association , to an extent that she has very conveniently converted PTA to  ‘Pushy mom association ‘(PMA).

She has a major say in schools upcoming events, access to any corner of the school any time.

Her opinion is valued to an extent that we follow her blindly, with unquestionable faith.

Her Gift of the gab impresses the teachers and  with her contributions in  charity  of school events, she marks her presence. 

She truly believes in competitive parenting,her sole purpose of life. Her kids are her social extension.  An ambitious project, where she believes in early to bed for her kids but late night parties are in for her with Jugaadu tie-up, and so her children skipping school the next day is no big loss or deal for her.

  • She is the front row mom, the gatecrasher and also a gate greeter.

The first to extract information from the teachers and the school staff.

Jack of all trades,and master of juggad. 

The warrior mom, even the snobbish ,snubbing and tactful one.

The networking mom.

Kids now days , do not say that “mere pass maa hai” but rather say “mere pass Jugaadu maa hai” because she does not believe in crying or cribbing but ‘go get it attitude ‘.

With her Jugaadu attitude she moulds the behaviour and reaction of her children towards others.

In this day and age when celebrities are proudly flaunting their baby bumps with designer dresses and stilettos,  and later on hiding  their babies from the media for a normal childhood, to later on making them face the limelight with flashbulbs and pushing them towards the same media. Then what is wrong with being  Jugaadu moms, they too act and react accordingly. 

They are pushy-cushy moms. After all, it is the time and age of competition and competitive moms.

But still the point to ponder is….

In this mad rush for giving every possible opportunity to her child lest she forgets that the little one shouldn’t be pushed around so much that the kid looses out on its childhood

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