” A scholar’s ink last longer than a martyr’s blood” -an Irish Proverb
The above proverb may be partially true if we compare it

to the incidents happening in our country presently.

Yes the sacrifice and bravery of soldiers is forgotten so

soon and easily , but coming to the ink-part ; our common

man is trying to fit in the shoes of the scholars. By

hurling shoes, throwing ink or chilly powder, or even

slapping the respectable or not so respectable people at

higher positions.
Peaceful demonstrations were the thing of the past, unlike our

 defence veterans still sitting on hunger-strike for


It was Mahatma Gandhi who was the pioneer of peaceful

demonstrations and movements which much later were kept alive

by Anna Hazare in his movement, which was supported by many,

including the present Chief Minister of Delhi.
Is it a paradox, that Mr. Kejriwal who was once supporting

peaceful fast-on to-death movement of Anna, if demands not

full-filled , is now himself is facing such intolerant acts of

There have been time-tested ways by public or common man in

expressing their anguish over the system and its flaws. IT has

 been going on for ages, earlier it was peaceful and now it

 has taken the form of aggression , because there is lack

of tolerance in some cases and in some patience has died


May be hurling shoes, smearing faces with black ink, or even

slapping for that matter has instant result, on the spot

effect and leaves a lasting impact on the receiver.
‘A pen is mightier than a Sword’- this saying has been

proved practically correct now, because the ink thrown from

the pens is generating great media coverage and impact.

Rotten old foot wears are working in accordance with ‘one

arrow , two preys&targets.’ One if it hits the bulls-eye then

 the target is achieved.and second

  is the stink or the smell of the shoe will irritate the target .
Smearing ink on a media house tycoon, politician, eloped

lovers , a yoga guru or a foreign writer is for sure an

indication of a intolerant society but we have always

followed the West and here we have proved the saying by

Rudyard Kipling othe way round, where he says “East is East , West

 is West, and never shall the twain meet.” The trend of

shoe hurling picked up in our country after the much

televised 2008 incident, when an Iraqi reporter threw his

shoe at the US President Mr. George Bush, so why we Desi’s be

 left behind, so we not only followed the West blindly , but

also gave many improvisations in this regard with better

versions and increase in frequency of shoe-hurling or

Few years back a Delhi journalist hurled a shoe on the then

 Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram at a press conference, to express

 his anger .

Later on, the same journalist got ticket from West Delhi by

Aap Party for Lok-Sabha elections.

He was lucky to get unexpected perks, hogging the limelight

and publicity . Many got popular to an extent that Pages on

social networking sites were dedicated on their names with

many fans and likes, not even our Martyrs get such kind of

dedication by their followers. .
But everyone is not so lucky in aping this act , because

many have been jailed for their such antics. Some have been

even labelled as mentally disturbed or with erratic behaviour

and sent to Psychiatrists,

In all this chaos, the actual agenda or problem is never

addressed, the so called hooligans may achieve two minutes of

 fame but later on are given the tag of being frustrated and

 a coward.
The most powerful weapon to humiliate someone is, Public

humiliation and it is catching up fast but the end results

of all this is self-destructive. But how can the public or

people be entirely blamed, when we go by precedents and examples set

by some affluent people who indulge in mud-slinging ,

shouting, abusing, heated arguments, throwing mikes in the

Parliament, and even showing their money and muscle power.

Instead of resorting to dangerous acts, it is important to put

 our point in much civilized way

, provided our politicians lend us their ears, even after

wining the polls.

Otherwise the history will not be written in ink but with

black-blots everywhere.



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2 thoughts on “Ink-pact

  1. Agree with you on some parts. But still am a bit skeptic about Arvind Kejriwal and the likes. Also, the amount of mudslinging he is doing against the Indian Army is something which shouldn’t be appreciated. What goes around, comes around. Payback is a bitch, and he deserves it.

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    1. Absolutely, but incidents like these give political mileage to idiots like him, it all the more gives him reasons to hog the limelight, .This write-up is definitely not in favour of him or his cheap tactics, but just a general view in totality.
      Where as the Indian Army is concerned , it’s courage and valour is unmatchable.l don’t even consider Kejriwal worthy of giving his views or much importance to them.
      Thanks for writing in and your valuable comments:)

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