The Bit of Ravana in me.

(Parts of Effigy of Ravana taken for Dusshera)

Lord Rama is said to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu ,but for path of righteousness he sacrificed his pregnant wife.

He is the epitome of a devoted son , dotting husband and a caring big brother.

We all want be like Lord Rama,  but even he was not a God but a human made of flesh , blood and errors,Who abandoned his wife in the name of morality. 
Ravana is portrayed as a villian , but he never left his wife in lurch. 

History tells us the stories from the perspective of a winner and not a loser. So the one loses becomes a villian with evil qualities ,and the focus shifts towards the achievements of a winner , the one with good qualities.

But the point to ponder is :we all are made of black and white , we all are with grey shades , somewhat like Ravana. He was not a human to be hated but characteristics in a human , we would hate to see.

But there is ‘a little bit of Ravana’ in all of us.

We all have our merits and demerits.

Like Ravana , our achievements make us arrogant . Ravana was a learned man , a scholar but one wrong step led to his doom.

He became too powerful in the head , the fame went to his head, so his education became null and  void, he could not put it in practical wisdom.

Burning his effigy every year on Dusshera,  does not mean that it is to demean a man called Ravana, but to burn the  man like Ravana, within all of us.

Before our ego turns out to be an Achilles Heel for us, it is better to give it up.

Let not your head become so high-headed that it starts believing , that we can be ten times smarter then others.

We would have reacted the same way, the way Ravana reacted on seeing his sister’s chopped nose, despite of being aware of the fact.

Don’t we encroach upon others properties, cut down forests to make concretes, put others down in this cut throat competitive world.

Every man is an embodiment of neither total goodness or total badness. Despite of being well educated don’t we behave like illiterates, don’t we at the drop of a hat hurl abuses at the fellow driver overtaking us. Don’t we give  lecherous and lust full looks to a female travelling or staying alone.

All of us have Ravana inside us, yes the piece of Ravana. Neither we are saints nor sinners, but acts of injustice boils our blood and at times our  own acts cannot  be justified. 

To err is human, but to do something knowingly for our own selfish and vested interests is having a piece of Ravana in us. When we try to overpower the weak , we give rise to Ravana in us. When we tell our children to behave properly,  tell them stories full of morals and ourselves on the other hand do not adhere to them, we give rise to Ravana in us.

If others success makes us jealous then we have Ravana in us, but  if the same jealousy makes us strive for better with hardwork and effort, then we our putting our knowledge into use and not into arrogance. 

Ravana was a learned man ,a family man and a great ruler, but his urge to put others down , to prove his unethical demands led to his destruction. 

Life offers us a slice of Rama as well as a slice of Ravana, we have positives and negatives both.

If we strive to follow the path of righteousness like Rama, then we also must learn to love our family like Ravana. 

If Ravana committed a crime by abducting Sita, so did Rama by abandoning her.

We all have piece of Rama as well as Ravana in us, the good and bad of both.

And the onus lies on us , how to imbibe the good and let go the evil.

Till then we cannot deny the existence of both.
Most importantly, when we tell our children the stories about characters of Ramayana,  let’s not only tell bad things about Ravana but also his positive qualities of a hardworking knowledgeable man, who also loved his family. 
Happy Dusshera,  with this Dusshera let’s burn the evil within us and give rise to the human attributes within us . Away from the devil and the divine , something more human.

# Dusshera 



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