Mighty Pines

One thing Hills are synonmous with, is the tall Deodar and Pine trees. As we ascend the foothills, the flora and fauna changes varying according to the temperatures.Deodars or Himalayan cedar gets its name from the Sanskrit deva-daru (divine tree) and is found in extreme of climate,i.e upper reaches of Himalayas.
But, one tree which can be found in almost every part of Himachal is the Pine tree, my favorite . It is even found in places like Hamirpur and Una bordering with Punjab.
Hamirpur unlike the hill-stations is basically a plain area , but we will find the pine trees in abundance there, which more or less makes it a mini-hill station.
The road leading from the NIT to Central school in Hamirpur gives beautiful glimpse of the mighty Pine trees. These trees can be found in hot, humid as well as cold climate areas.

In Summers the Pine-needles become the major source of fuel for many villagers.

The resin from these trees is use for various purposes, including the medicinal ones.
The presence of Pine trees can make any plain look like a hill station, as one happens to visit Delhi, the Pine trees can also be spotted in Nehru Garden in Chanakyapuri.

Beaming in full glory on a mount with regularly shedding of pine-cones, these trees steal the show.
But in Himachal, whether the lower or upper, the Pines are omnipresent, and under these benedictory pines, near the sky kissing hills, clear blue skies in the day and star studded nights with a brighter moon, with wood smoke and mist, sweet smell of pine-needles, the dew drops falling, makes you love and appreciate these mystical woods more and more.



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