What’s in a name!!

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, is a frequently referred part of William Shakespeare’s play ” Romeo and Juliet”. The Valentine fever caught on to me too last week and so I decided to revisit the pages of ”Romeo and Juliet”. But what caught on to my imagination was the above mentioned line by Juliet.I can well imagine her distress, when she lamented by saying “What’s in a name?” I do not know if everyone would subscribe to Juliet’s view, that name is nothing. As we all know that a talent of a person is not dependent on his or name!!!!!!!!, but our astrologers have proved otherwise, – as our numerologists our making crisp currency notes away from their moorings by making small adjustments in spelling our names, that will shower gold on us, and of course on them too.
  Point to ponder is, that how can a double ‘ee’ or double ‘ss’ in our names will bring us luck. But, I have seen people especially the rich and mighty changing their names to gain more popularity and fame, because their name has now become integral part of their identity, proving our dear Juliet wrong, thus name is essential, after all we all want fame as well as name, isn’t it.
The power of name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry and religious ceremonies such naming ceremony of children. 

Names given to us or others , at times offend us and at times please us, making our bonds more strong.

Pet names are endearing ones that show affection, where babies are caressed by calling them Guglu, bebu, sweety or bachu.

Pen name or nom de Plume is pseudonym used by famous writers as well, to make themselves more distinctive, disguise his or her gender, to distance or protect one’s identity.

J.K .Rowling of famous ‘ Harry Potter’ series is actually Joanne Rowling, but to appeal to young girls as well as boys she changed her name.

Benjamin Franklin wrote under the pen name ‘Busy Body’, Charles Dickens under ‘ Boz’, Charles Lamb under ‘Elia’ and George Eliot under ‘Ann Evans’ , the list is endless.
A clerk feels dignified when his designation is referred as Office Assistant, a cook as Chef, or Caterer, Washer man as Launderer, barber as ‘Hair dresser’, mechanic as ‘Technician’, Compounder as Pharmacist and last but not the least housewife as’Homemaker’. There work remains the same but it feels much more dignified associating yourself with these names.

A name does not define the ‘Character’ of a person, but it does gives an identity to one.

For instance, we call our near and dear ones with nick names and people we dislike or detest are given secret names by us.

Sometimes certain words used for people leave such a rude impression, so terms such as ‘special children, visually and hearing impaired’ were discovered instead of mentally challenged and dumb and deaf. A ‘name’ gives dignity and respect to a person’s occupation. 
Apart from humans, even animals are given names. When we have them as our pets and they also start responding to the names with which they are called out for. Even stray animals such as cows, dogs or cats start responding to names they are called regularly with.

I have a bunch of stray dogs in my locality, whom when I feed, they have lately started responding to the names I call them with, a black dog responds on being called ‘Blacky’, Brown one responds on ‘Browny’ and the one being slightly bigger in built responds on being called ‘Sheroo”.
The interesting part is, even cities have their nick names, Jaipur is called the ‘ Pink City’, Bangalore is known as city of gardens, Hyderabad is known as city of bangles/twin city and likewise cities and places have nick names all over the world.
“What’s in a name?” please ask this to Mr. James Bond and prompt you get the reply, ‘it’s Bond, James Bond’.

A ‘ noun’ is defined as a ‘ name of a person, place or a thing’ and it is always written in capital. See how important a name is. Ever noticed people belonging to: Punjab become Punjabis, Goa become Goans and Kashmir become Kashmirirs. The names also help us identify our nationalities.
Alas! the debate continues, we should not make our name/ sir name our vehicle or weapon to get our work done but with our actions prove to others that we our worthy of our names and value them.  
As I value my name

Anjali sharma



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