What a day it was!

All good things come to an end, but the nostalgia associated with them lingers on.

One such memory is of my student days of school. Those were the best days of my life, now as I look back.

It was after the gruelling session of two years, that my result was about to be declared . 

It had been torturous two years in eleventh and twelfth standard ,  when my Physics teacher, who also happened to be my class teacher made my life hell.

Constant nagging, being labelled as a weak student, in parents teacher meet parents were always asked to make their ward study hard, all practical files marked in red ink, flunking in unit tests of the particular subject had put me in the category of  dull students. 

Though I worked very hard ,but still the marks and the marks sheet always demoralised and discouraged me.

The very thought of Mrs .Bhatnagar, whom we now started calling as bhatakti aatma , i mean roaming ghost kept on haunting me, her constant taunts made me work hard though ,but most of the time it was heartbreaking . 

For those two years, i dreaded my physics classes the most, keeping my fingers crossed , every time she entered the class. Every time she picked me up for questioning,  and bombarded me with subject pertaining questions ,  I experienced the hell let loose on me. I behaved abnormally and shivers ran down my spine.

She made me stand outside the class or at the back , which was rather insulting. The complete two years were spend in fear and attending tuition classes , but the result or outcome remained to be the same.

But today , after two years ,  it was the day, which would finally seal my fate as fail or pass.

It was the day when my twelfth standard board results would be out, I had already spent sleepless nights for many weeks now . 

I entered the school premises with my parents and younger brother, but some how could not muster the courage to see the result board as my parents and brother proceeded to read my result.

Suddenly my brother came rushing back, I was about to get a heartattack , the shock of my life, but it rather turned out to be a surprise , the smile on his face said it all. 

I had passed with flying colours  with distinction in all five subjects including physics . 

My parents hugged me, the congratulatory messages from relatives and friends started pouring in. Even Mrs Bhatnagar praised me, for my diligence and dedication. It was absolutely the best day of my life, and I can definitely say, ‘what a day it was’.

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