“​If you carry your childhood with you , you never become older”-Tom Stoppard Looking at the vista of lavish gifts of life, ‘childhood ‘is the most enduring phase endowed upon humanity. These pleasant memories are profusely imbibed in our minds. The imprints are still a fresh and the serenity of silent autumns and warm SummersContinue reading “)WHEN I WAS A CHILD”

Plants on my windowsill 

​ “I  do  wonder  whether  there  will  come  a  wastefulness- chemical  wastes  in  the  rivers,  metal  wastes  everywhere,  and  atomic wastes  buried  deep  in  the  earth  or  sunk  in  the  sea.  When  an  indian  village  became  too  deep  in  its  own  filth,  the  inhabitants  moved. And  we  have  no  place  to  which  to  move.”  Continue reading “Plants on my windowsill “