Dad’s kitchen garden on the hills

Delhi smog had a choking effect on the residents. From buying masks to air purifiers ,  the delhites tried and tested every thing , but the only conclusion they came to was reverting to natural things, going back to nature, to real , pure and healthy things.

From air, water to vegetables and fruits everything is contaminated here. We have to devise long term healthy measures to overcome these hurdles.

But for the time being , I resorted to old school remedies

First it was planting of more herbs around my garden and pots, by placing them near my windows. 

Second , I headed for the hills for the weekend, so that at least some purification of my lungs could take place.

When I landed at my parents place , I could easily differentiate between the smog and pollution affected vegetables of Delhi and the healthy kitchen garden of my dad, which has been planted by him.

So here’s a glimpse of a kitchen garden in winters ,from the hills:

We may find variety of celery ,  coriander or parsley in the cities, but in the villages and on the hills a simple single variety is adequate in terms of nutrition and aroma. Here it grows in clean environment unlike waste water from the factories or sewerage used in the cities . 

Fresh beans from the garden,full of proteins . 

Green tomatoes ,  yet to ripe , but too tempting to ignore, feel like plucking them now.

‘.Mini KINNOWS ‘ for tangy juice , followed by rows of carrot plants to accompany for.

My future gajar ka halwa.

Green leafy vegetables are the actual highlight of the winters, full of vitamins and minerals . Yes this is Spinach , will make an excellent tango with the cottage cheese made at home, our very own palak-paneer.

Time to have a look at my dad’s Reddish rows, the future mulli ka piranhas. Even the leaves serve as good source of vegetable ki bhujji with potato.

My favourite corner of mustard plant, I mean my favourite ‘sarso ka saag’.

Yes it is the good time to plant garlic and spring onions too, which keep your blood pressure in check.

Yes as I sit under the pine trees, sipping my tea on this cold winter day, I truly admire the bounties of nature , which are fast disappearing from the cities,as artificial and synthetic stuff takes over.

I truly cherish these times and my short stay on the hills with my parents, with fresh and clean air. But Alas! to return back, but till then just relax and enjoy.

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