Tenga through my Lens

​Wow, it’s New Year 2017, and sitting amongst the young mountains,  I feel like my favorite writer, Mr. Ruskin Bond. His stories from the hills, about the hills have always fascinated me.

Tenga, in Arunachal is one such place which is so close to the descriptions by Mr. Bond, with only slight difference, that this place is in the North Eastside of our country.

Tenga a beautiful valley, amidst young mountains and tenga river flowing along is a site worth dying for.

This Place mostly dominated by the Army settlements is glimpse to the old world charm, but the only difference it holds with rest of the hill stations is, that it is untouched by British artitecture, as we won’t finds churches or bungalows like rest of the hill stations. The reason is that it never came under the British rule. Going by the legend, British soldiers did try to enter Arunachal,  an area dominated by the local tribe here, who chopped of the heads of the British soldiers and sent them back to Assam,  so they gave up the idea of entering Arunachal.

Arunachal was once part of Assam,  it became a Union Territory in 1971 , and later independent state in 1987.
Yes it is not easy to get here, moment we land in Guwahati, the only option to reach Tenga is through the road, which are not in very good condition, due to constant landslides here.

As we cross the place called Balukpong, the bumpy ride towards the hills start, which is not for the faint hearted, trust me on that, but then there is no gain without the pain, so to explore the wonders of Tenga Valley, one has to go through the roads less travelled, the grinding pathways leading towards our destination. 

Yes to reach heaven, one has to go through hell of a roads here.But trust me, the scenery is breathtaking.

Young mountains, with black soil and pines growing on them are in the prime of their fertility, giving way to various kinds of flora.

Arunachal is home to lot of varieties of Orchids, which I am yet to explore.

But yes I did taste the latest cultivated fruits here, and those the local kiwis here, which are slightly smaller than the imported ones, but believe me, that in taste , the ones grown here are much-much sweeter. 
The beauty of this place truly lies in its serenity and calm enviroment , other places close by Tenga are, Rupa, Bombdila and Tawang,  which are more prominent in terms of tourist inflow, due to their monasteries,  but if one plans to sit I  ease and be in footsteps of Mr.Ruskin Bond , then spending time in Tenga is worth a try.
As I sit under the mighty pines, and look at the starlit skies, where moon and clouds play hide and seek , I wonder if life could go on like this only.

Grab a book near the bonfire, or for that matter an cup of tea or a glass of wine and admire the river flowing across , giving a perfect ‘room with a view’.

On my recliner,  as I decide to sit during the day, for soaking the sunlight, the chilly breeze across my face makes me realise, that it the winter season, the amalgamation of Sun and breeze can only be felt here, on this little quiet valley.

Nature here is truly at its best, the long walks on the hill roads gives you the glimpse of beautiful hill culture, as well of the Buddhism.  The colourful flags along the roadside and the beautiful monasteries and little bridges , brings you much more closer to simplicity of life here.

All you need is basic things, such as fresh air , water and food, the requirements of people residing here are only basic, because they live such a simple and beautiful life with peace and happiness.



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