In defence of the worthy Golgappa 😊

One of the things ,nowadays we dread the most is the junk food and it’s presence in the diet of our children.As there goes a famous saying “You are what you eat ” , a metaphorical expression implying- what we eat affects our lives.
During my childhood days, that are long gone, picnics meant outdoor fun and outings, then no concept of playmates or play dates existed, as we were not guarded by or hounded by the insecure and unsafe world like today. Apart from looking forward to such picnics, the major attraction was the big hotcase mommies carried along with them containing homemade food, which was obviously a hit case then. Yes it was a hit case in the hotcase. 

But now being a mother myself , I realise how privileged were we and also well behaved, or we had less of options to go for, because nowadays every nook and corner of the city or village is buzzing with packets of chips and packs of aerated drinks.
What was a luxury in my childhood has become a necessity for the kids of today. We may blame the parent or the environment for that ,but the fact of the matter is that these things are so easily available and we at times as adults with our laid back attitude just go with the flow. 
But then who to trust further with vegetables and fruits, natural veggies and fruits are a rare commodity today, coming under the tag of being “organic” and the ones we get are laced with chemicals.
So there is not much of a difference between junk and healthy, in fact junk food gives us the label of being healthy, which of course in hidden language means you are fat, but a polite way of saying so.
Call it comfort food or convenience food, it is the concept of the West, which we have obediently imbibed in our day to day life, though the West is slowly abandoning their very own idea.

Instant food, door step delivery to ready to cook meals and chopped vegetables/fruits has made life much more easier for many, saving upon their time but making them deficient of nutritional value. 
Pizzas, pastas , burgers and noodles are all outsiders, harming our bodies from inside .Once a while it is Okay, but to include them in day to day eating would be rather injurious to us.

Why don’t we imbibe our rich culture in once in a while concept and shift our focus to more desi desirable stuff called the Golgappas, which also happens to be a Junk food , but of rather different kinds , for me at least. 
Dear mommies this write-up is in no way propagating the consumption of fast food but it is rather my tribute to the Golgappas, which I consume in moderation but cannot give up.

I may give endless lectures to my kid on harmful effects of junk but when it comes to our very own indian junk Golgappas, I just give up.
Well so here, I introduce the hero of my write-up, the “Golgappas “.

Let’s refresh our memories on our very own desi junk, also known as panipuri, gulgulle and phuchkas. 

Call it anything , but each time I taste it, I just go weak in the knees.

I fall in love with it all over again.
With age my love has grown by leaps and bounds. Well it’s just progressing with age.

 . Despite of all the odds it has still been able to maintain its place in our hearts. Though there were many invasions but it stood the test of time, firmly grounded to its roots.

Despite of facing humiliation in its own country in the name of being a street food and the others coming from West proudly displaying themselves in the air-conditioned shops, Golgappas have still managed to sustain in such conditions and continues to be a major hit amongst the masses, especially the ladies. 

Despite of being a chartbuster and topping all chaats , oops sorry , I mean charts of popularity ,it manages to stay so humble. Easy to access and avail. It represents india in true sense , where it stands for all flavours, from sweet to spicy , from tangy to sour, it represents ‘unity in diversity’ , available throughout the country , now also exploring foreign lands.

One of the most adjusting snack , like us the Indians, providing different varieties of its flavour, according to our taste buds. 

How can i just forget, when my aunt landed in India from The US of A , the first place she went to ,from the airport was the Golgappa stall on the roadside.
Like a monk with a bowl in his hand , she stood in front of the man selling these divine eatables. 

How ecstatic she became , the moment she gulped down her first piece of heavenly delight. There were tears of joy or was it the spice quotient that led to such outpourings, God knows but yes one thing for sure could be seen, the feeling of fulfillment in her .

Though the competition was tough, others those who were waiting in line were giving her stiff competition, the moment she missed her chance or momentum, the other competitor would put forward his or her claim to fame of consumption, I mean their plates for their turn and share.
But she did not give up, how firmly she directed the golgappe wala bhaiya for her fair share, as she kept a strict vigil on the numbers consumed. 
There was not a one awkward moment, from opening her mouth wide open to greedily gulping it down without chewing.

Well this public display of affection for Golgappas, can only be known to an Indian, when there is no shy moment, and majority of people will vouch for it.
Neither this food is limited by seasons nor by space constraints, and while consuming it , trust me , no one can cheat us, so it also teaches us “our value for money”, which no pizza, burgers or pasta would.
The consumer and seller are both at the profitable best, for the consumer it is the treat to the taste buds and for the seller, to be surrounded by hoardes of people , that too, mostly ladies ,is a treat in itself. Though the poor seller may get hassled at times, by constant complaints by the clients for wanting more , so maintaining pace is a slight problem there, apart from it , ladies asking for extra sukhi poori or extra water can be a bit irritating , but then it is our birth to ask for it, otherwise the whole ritual of consuming Golgappas goes waste. Well in terms of popularity he is one lucky guy, mostly referred as golgappe wala bhaiya, . His stall is mostly in demand at any function or party.
Ever wondered , how such a small thing encloses within itself the world full of taste and flavours. A hollow sphere, in which the vendor makes a hole, shoves in the stuffing and then plunges this magical ball into the sea of spiced liquid. The moment the vendor places this world full of spices on to our plates, the feeling of fulfillment just grabs us, our moment of glory , as it just pops into my mouth, an explosion of flavours, the crunchy sound ,a world full of taste grabs me, what else do I need , why should I leave this indian invention, a humble recipe which serves all, Prince to Pauper anyone can afford it and consume in a humble way, as well. It is not just an appetizer, but also food for the brain and the soul.
It also teaches great lessons on life as well, knowledge about various flavours, it’s taste teaches us about our preferences, it also teaches , how to negotiate with the vendor for that extra piece of round crispy ball. Standing and waiting for our turn , teaches us to be patient as well as how to be a leveller or equivalent to others or treat others the same way. At times when other junk food gives us that constipated feeling , Golgappas may help us to clear our tummies and make us feel much lighter.
It is absolutely a miraculous snack, which can never go wrong , an adventure in itself, the orbs of temptation, with each bite I reach the state of trance and I’m not sorry for not giving up upon you my yummy Golgappas. 
But always remember to have it from a safe and a hygienic place . Rest is all is conspiracy and rumours from the West , to bring down its value.

So just enjoy your plate of golgappaa.



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