Gold Umbrella 

Umbrella ( Chattar) at Jwalaji
Visiting ‘Jwala ji’ temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is a voyage of a world where History ,Science and Technology coexists creating a divine realm out of their own mix, which results in the immense faith of the devotees. 

> Some spiritualties cannot be researched. Science and Religion are like the track of a rail which cannot join together but yes they do run parallel to each other.

> ‘Jwala ji’ is the name of Hindu Goddess who is said to reside as an eternal flame since times infinity, in Kangra located in Lower Himalayas.

> The flame has been burning since time immemorials.


> The religious history depicts that when lord Shiva was in unconscious state due to death of his wife Sati, who then threw herself in holy altar after her father accused and insulted Lord Shiva.

> It was then lord Vishnu divided Sati’s body into fifty one pieces which fell on the earth at various places.


> These places came to be known as ‘Shakti Peeths’ and the place Sati’s tongue fell is known as ‘Jwala ji’ .

> It is here the flawless blue flame burns.

> Some say it could be a natural gas reserve but nothing has been validated. Science has been unable to answer the reason behind the immemorial flame.

> Devotees and believers all over India and abroad throng the temple to seek the blessings of the divine.

> Every time I visit this magnificent and historical temple, the feeling of faith and spirituality resurfaces.

> Adjacent to the temple, there is a big hall with a huge glass box enclosing an umbrella shaped plate called the ‘Chattar’ of about one and a quater quaintal of some known and unknown alloys till date.

> The legend has it, that listening to the rising name of miraculously and constantly running jyoti (flame), Akbar sent his General to Jwala ji to test the presence of this miracle in this world. The General tried to extinguish the flames by putting various thick sheets of iron on top. 

> However the powerful and divine jyoti’s of Maa Jwala came above tearing the sheets.

> The General was still not ready to accept his defeat and went up the hill to get a river down the hill through temporary path of stones. He then flooded the auspicious flames with water. As the temple was flooded with water the jyoti’s started floating on the water.


> The General had to accept his defeat and Akbar realizing his fault went barefeet to Jwala ji and offered the Gold Chattar (umbrella) as an apology, but the Divine presence refused to accept the offering and turned it into a dark metal or alloy.

> Seeing all this Akbar fell on Maa Jwala’ s steps and asked for forgiveness. Maa is said to have forgiven Akbar and he then returned back to Delhi happily.

> This Chattar can still be seen there , after paying obeisence to the divine and it is the biggest example of faith which can be seen as well as experienced. Jai Mata Di


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