Himachali Monalisa

Himachali Mona Lisa
Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh is a rich source of art, and culture. It is surrounded by snow-clad Dhauladhars, which in turn generate a breath-taking view. Kangra has a lot of significance in terms of Historical happenings in Himachal.  
Apart from famous Kangra fort, there are many other places in Kangra which makes it of utmost importance and puts it on the world map.
Andretta is one such place in Kangra. The famous Sobha Singh Gallery is located here.

Sir Sobha Singh settled in Andretta in 1950 and now his house has been converted into an Art Gallery and Museum.
This gallery showcases his world famous paintings. One of the most appreciated and acknowledged works of Sobha Singh is the ‘Kangra Bride’, a beautiful painting of a bride demurely sitting on a modest palanquin and looking out. All dressed up in fine Himachali jewellery :A big nose-ring, red bangles, saggi phool ,kaliras, toe-rings and anklets. 
The painting portrays a beautiful hill bride leaving her parents place and going to her husband’s house. A beautiful pahari bride in all her elegance and with her dreamy almond shaped eyes leaving her home with lots of memories and looking towards the hills, as the palanquin moves forwards .
Kangra Bride painting by Sir Sobha Singh is no less than Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ or some may also term it as Kangra’s ‘Mona Lisa’

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