Purana Dak khana 

Purana Dak -Khana (Old Post-Office)Dagshai in Himachal Pradesh is one of the oldest Cantonments in India. Dagshai derives its name from the word ‘Daag-e-shahi’, which means ‘Royal mark’,put on the forehead of the criminals during Mughal rule there.

Dagshai holds within itself abundance and rich History of British times in India.

On one side there are cemeteries , churches and cottages dating back to British regime and on the other side we have Dagshai Jail once visited by Mahatma Gandhi.
But still, Dagshai is a lost forlorn hill station with hard rocky terrain,due to which it goes unnoticed in comparison to Kasauli and Shimla, which are almost an hour distance from Dagshai.

Similarly, The Post Office at Dagshai which comes under Heritage Building and is very much functional, but has not got its dues in terms of popularity. It is also a major witness to Historical happenings at Dagshai.

So next time when you happen to visit Kasauli or Shimla, do visit Dagshai and especially this cute little structure of historical significance. — at Dagshai Hills, HP

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