The old Post box 

Post-Box @ Kasauli club
Kasauli, a beautiful hill-station is a major tourist attraction of Himachal, as it holds with-in self beauty and rich history of British-Era. One can find beautiful Bungalows, some dating back to British rule, apart from this we have Tibetan market, Sunset-point, Monkey-point ( called so, because it is believed that, Lord Hanuman set his foot at that very point in search of Sanjeevani-booti), then we have the famous Lawrence school at Sanawar, Famous writer Ruskin bond was born in Military Hospital , Kasuali, The Raj-villa is the name of the bungalow of eminent writer and journalist Late Khushwant Singh.
Apart from the above mentioned attractions, Kasauli club is one of the landmarks of Kasauli, it was established in 1880 by the Britishers, as Summer retreat for the members , it is still the social centre of the town, as we enter the club or move across from outside, we get the first glimpse of the history in the form of a ‘Post-Box’, which can be seen near the entrance of the club. This Post-box is believed to be the major source of communication between the British soldiers and their families in the past, as it was very much functional then.

It is a beautiful piece of History, and witness to many beautiful writings between the families, and now it stands near the entrance to the club as a guardian, care-taker and as a host to the club members. So next time when you happen to visit Kasauli, do visit the club even if a non- member of the club you still get to see this historical piece visible from the road-side, majestically standing . A close look at the ‘Post-Box ‘ will make you realise that it is in the shape of a crown, as only the elite and rich used it for their correspondence, in the past. — in Kasauli.


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