The King Maker of the kitchen

As Pandemic opened Pandora’s box, realisation dawned on me that ‘ Happiness is homemade ‘. Confined indoors , one realised that  a small box opened many possibilities. This discovery came as an enlightenment.  The heart of the kitchen lies in this magical box and as they say – 
“Where hearth is , heart is ‘ , this small storage box  genuinely turned out to be  the king maker of the kitchen , keeping everything  in circulation,  a right mix of taste and flavour, an immunity loaded boxand had immense health benefits to list a few. 
If it could tell its own tale , it would definitely say :
I have a colourful world of my own, there are various stories  encircled inside me, I depict and carry various phases of sacrifice within me, at times intact despite of rough weather, temperature or pressure ,at times  crushed  to core and at times losing one’s identity to form the mixed identities.  Your lives are indispensable without me as I add flavour ,taste and spice to your life.Its a small world ,fluttering cluttering , only at a pinch . Like an oasis in the middle of nowhere,  I have become a saviour to many culinary delights. Making many lives more organised, colourful and in good in taste( tasteful).

As these testing times made us ,the humans, enter the forbidden territory called the kitchen, more often, and as I took it’s full-fledged takeover. I m still discovering its virtues and vices , but this small magical ingredient box has played wonders for me. As I take charge , I have the choice of filling or refilling it with my favourite magical and mystical ingredients. 
Though I’m not a novice , and can easily distinguish  yellow pulses from the orange one or wheat flour from the refined one, but the recent discovery has come as a welcome surprise , the ingredients inside it , which need regular circulation and upgradation,  supply the taste , flavour and fervour to every bite we consume.
Eureka! The treasure trove had been found. As life became bereft of outside food , the homemade food became the new normal.  Many like me found the values and benefits of good health in their own kitchens.A small box of  spices became the rescue box for many ,like me, with its loaded goodness required  in minute quantities.
As the omnipresent fast food is  not fast anymore and takes a backseat, the goodness of the spice box has come to the  forefront. 
From Gun to Garam Masala,  this box can handle all the spices.  Powder or standing spices,  the strategic blend has produced the most exotic dishes world over.As the  nostalgia sets the  old world charm , I am transported to times when grandparents in earlier times used the motor and pestle to grind their fresh spices while cooking. 

: Faint memories became fresh when this box was unboxed,fondly I remembered  the generous spread of lip smacking delicacies in the ancestral home steaming with aroma and flavours taking charge of my taste buds and olfactory senses. 

:Countless stories narrated end number of times on old age recipes  by grandparents about the closely guarded secrets pertaining to making of the legendary stuff with culinary prowess was all based on specifications for using the spices and condiments in roasted or grounded form , coming out of this small magical box. 

:This box is originator and protector to many ancient and royal recipes. Call it a treasure or ammunition box , this small steel /wooden/plastic box with its amalgamation of various magic potions has given birth to many new tasteful stories as well as keeping many ancient stories are still intact.This small box has acted as a game changer, as many stalwarts transformed their simple dishes to masterpieces . The credit goes to the sizzling chemistry between the spices gracing this small box. This prized possession,  heirloom for many as family legacy has acted as the solution box for centuries now.
Masala chai to sprinklers for garnishing, home remedy for cold to tooth ache , migraine to antiseptic remedies , this small box has all the solutions. Call it the powerhouse container or the  store house , no dish is complete without its opening. 

Yes! this quintessential box has every time a new story to tell.The heart of the Indian kitchen and cooking truly lies in this small box,which keeps alive the fresh flavour of the food and makes our heart beat and gives a new lease of life with various fragrances sashying their way out of the kitchen .

So next time when you enter your kitchen , don’t forget to atleast appreciate and admire the  small box by refilling the humble yet power generating mini box of spices .

“ Secret of happiness is vanity but the secret of variety , like the secret of spices is knowing when to use them.”

 -Daniel Gilbert 

And this Masala Dani  always comes handy ,to our rescue.

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