The King Maker of the kitchen

As Pandemic opened Pandora’s box, realisation dawned on me that ‘ Happiness is homemade ‘. Confined indoors , one realised that  a small box opened many possibilities. This discovery came as an enlightenment.  The heart of the kitchen lies in this magical box and as they say – “Where hearth is , heart is ‘ ,Continue reading “The King Maker of the kitchen”

Trenches at R.R Hills

Early morning start  from  Gwahati, being  in  a  civil  hired  vehicle,  as  a  part  of  large  Army  convoy,  the  only  thing  which  came  to  my  mind  was    a phrase  “a  rolling  stone  seldom  gathers  moss”  and  so  here  I  was , travelling  to  reach  my  destination  .As  being part of Army life never let’sContinue reading “Trenches at R.R Hills”

Purana Dak khana 

Purana Dak -Khana (Old Post-Office)Dagshai in Himachal Pradesh is one of the oldest Cantonments in India. Dagshai derives its name from the word ‘Daag-e-shahi’, which means ‘Royal mark’,put on the forehead of the criminals during Mughal rule there. Dagshai holds within itself abundance and rich History of British times in India. On one side thereContinue reading “Purana Dak khana “

The old Post box 

Post-Box @ Kasauli club Kasauli, a beautiful hill-station is a major tourist attraction of Himachal, as it holds with-in self beauty and rich history of British-Era. One can find beautiful Bungalows, some dating back to British rule, apart from this we have Tibetan market, Sunset-point, Monkey-point ( called so, because it is believed that, LordContinue reading “The old Post box “

Gold Umbrella 

Umbrella ( Chattar) at Jwalaji Visiting ‘Jwala ji’ temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is a voyage of a world where History ,Science and Technology coexists creating a divine realm out of their own mix, which results in the immense faith of the devotees.  > Some spiritualties cannot be researched. Science and Religion are like theContinue reading “Gold Umbrella “

My Salt-Pepper look

 I have  touched  thirties  and  with  it,  i  came  face  to  face  with  the  harsh  reality  of  life.  I  have  officially  become  a  grown-up  and   a validated  ‘middle-aged’  now.  The  lush  black  crop  of  my  head  has  now  many  alarming  grey  specks.The  crowning  glory  of  lavish  black  has  now  many  new  visitors,  who  will  soon  becomeContinue reading “My Salt-Pepper look”